Can you take carbamazepine (tegratol) and gabapentin (neurontin) together

Gabapentin studies were conducted in patient suffering from epilepsy receiving carbamazepine. Gabapentin and carbamazepine were taken together and pharmacokinetics study was monitored. Gabapentin 400 mg was administered for 5 1/3 days with carbamazepine. The combination of carbamazepine and gabapentin was well tolerated. Mean steady state plasma concentration of carbamazepine before, during and after gabapentin administration were not significantly different. Thus, moderate to no drug interaction exists between carbamazepine and gabapentin. No dosage adjustment is necessary when gabapentin and carbamazepine were co administered. Therefore gabapentin can be added to carbamazepine therapy without concern of pharmacokinetic drug to drug interaction. Avoid combination, if any severe side effect occurs.

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