Taking gabapentine and omeprazole (prilosec) together

A survey has been conducted to find out whether gabapentin can be taken with omperazole. In this study two groups were split, group A took gabapentin alone and group B took gabapentin with omperazolez. Oral bioavailability (BA) of gabapentin was estimated by 24 hour urine sample. The C (max.), T (max.), the AUC of gabapentin with omeprazolez was significantly lower than that of gabapentin alone. In contrast, no significant differences were observed in the plasma disposition parameters of gabapentin between the treatments with or without omeprazolez. There was no significant difference in the gabapentin bioavailability (BA) between the gabapentin alone and with omeprazolez. Omeprazolez mildly decreased the gabapentin exposure through the reduction of the intestinal absorption extent and rate. This decrease may be independent of the inhibition of gastrointestinal acidification caused by antacids.

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