Gabapentin and topamax drug interactions

The anticonvulsant effects produced by topiramate and gabapentin, a second generation antiepileptic drug, in numerous fixed ratio combinations were examined by isobolographic analysis in the mouse maximal electroshock seizure (MES) model. Results showed that when gabapentin and topiramate are taken together at fixed ratios it resulted in synergistic interaction against (maximal electroshock seizure) MES-induced seizures. The combination dose of gabapentin and topiramate did not affect motor performance of animals, supra additive interaction of gabapentin and topiramate against MES induced seizures, lack of motor coordination, neuromuscular tone impairments as well as lack of pharmacokinetics interactions. Combination of gabapentin and topiramate is strongly applicable for antiepileptic patients with refractory partial epilepsy.

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