Can gabapentin capsules be opened?

A survey has been carried on to compare the oral absorption profile of gabapentin following administration of the contents opened capsules that were mixed with food vehicles of variant macronutrient (protein) composition. Study was divided into four phases, an overnight fast continued with a single 600mg of gabapentin was given either as an intact capsule swallowed with water (control, phase I), or after capsule content were opened and mixed with applesauce (phase II), of orange juice (phase III), or fat free chocolate pudding (phase IV). Pharmacokinetics variables including AUC, maximum serum concentration (C max), and time to maximum serum concentration (t max) were calculated by using non-compartmental methods. No statistically significant differences in any kinetic variable were found in the study. Thus, opening and mixing of gabapentin capsules does not significantly impair drug absorption.

Is gabapentin a controlled substance?