Gabapentin use while Breastfeeding

Gabapentin is an older anticonvulsant used primarily for partial seizures with or without secondary generalization. In a study of five mother infant pairs receiving 900-3200 mg gabapentin per day, the mean milk/ plasma ratio ranged from 0.7 to 1.2 from two weeks to three months postpartum. At 2-3 weeks, two out of five infants had detectable concentration of gabapentin (1.3 & 1.5) and one infant was undetectable. These levels were far below the normal plasma levels in the mothers (11-45). Assuming a daily milk intake of 150/mL/day/kg, the infant dose of gabapentin was estimated to be 0.2-1.3 mL/day/kg, which is equivalent to 1.3-3.8 % of the weight normalized dose received by the mother. The plasma levels of gabapentin collected after 3 months of breastfeeding in another infant were 1.9. Thus, result from the study concluded that the plasma levels were low and no adverse effects were reported in the infants.

Can gabapentin be taken during pregnancy?